Sunday, November 27, 2005

Okay, So this is the second time I have posted on this thing, it's been almost 4 months, but unlike my sister and my brother I have a life. I work 40 plus hours a day managing people that are dumber then Darren Dolfermier.....(did I say and write that out loud) my bad. Anyway, since I have a life I guess you should look on my blog every four months or so, considering the fact if this "blogger" thing is still hip and cool for you still want to young, even though your in your thirties and have kids..hint hint Sabrina. Okay enough of the making others look small so I look important talk. Lets see, what's new with me......Here is something exciting I leave for vegas in 11 days. Thats about it! I am already bored with this so talk to you guys in another four months.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hey Everyone,
It looks like that I have become a follower of bloggerism as well. I have to say though the only reason why I have decide to become a so-called blogger, is for one reason only! That reason is simply this, my mission, is to take down Sabrina and Steven. Lets be honest we all know where Sabrina and Steven learned to be funny, that's right, ME!!! I taught them everything they know, how to tell jokes, how to get laughs, and on rare occasions how to be corny. It seems though as I was reading thier blogs that they have both just jumped off the deep end with thier "just not so funny corny jokes." To everybody out there that has read their blogs, I apologies. But don't you frown my blogger friends, for I am here now, be ready to be amazed, because I am just that, amazing! From the funniest person alive this is Mindie, out!
P.S. Steven and Sabrina I am so going to bring you down, you ready for that challenge?!!!